Book Club Q's

Book Club Questions
The Egg Lady and The Other Neighbors

  1. What was our favorite story and why?

  2. There are many stories in this book from a young farm girl's point of view. What are the thematic similarities between "The Balers" and "Margaret"?

  3. In "Balers" and "Margaret" there is tension beteween the young female character and her brothers. Why do you think this happens?

  4. In "Balers" and "Margaret" the father figure is very inaccessible to the daughter. What kind of message does this theme give about farm lif and rural society?

  5. Do the themes that appear in this book relate to each other to form a general message?
    Make a list of the themes and discuss how they are related.

  6. Is this book directed toward a particular audience?

  7. Discuss the presence of revenge as it applies to all the short stories.

(written by Sonja Bearson)